Crafty Ideas for Your Room

All the crafty projects you could ever hope to make for your room. And maybe your neighbor's room. Or the whole hall.

Crafty Ideas for Your Room

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What an awesome idea for jazzing up your lights!

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What a cool way to stay organized week by week!

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This is so simple!

The 15 Best Hacks For Organizing Your College Dorm Room

You're never too old to play with legos...and this idea is just so ingenious!

Combine your keys! | Felix Grauer

These would be so adorable for decorating a res hall room! :)

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  • Hanna Jane Repe
    Hanna Jane Repe

    i wanna do this too :) very pretty.

  • Jalyn Thomas
    Jalyn Thomas

    Love it

  • Pippa Csathy
    Pippa Csathy

    I'm doing this

  • Maci H.
    Maci H.

    Wait how does it turn in to the ball?

  • Maci H.
    Maci H.

    Oh and very cute

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Looking for some inexpensive ways to decorate your room? Check out these cool ideas!

20 Festive Dollar Store Projects for Gorgeous Home Decor

Christmas door decorations for your room!

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Creative way to add something new to your plain white pillows!

Sharpie Scripted Pillows | a subtle revelry
  • Simone Gohsman
    Simone Gohsman

    Imagine the fumes when you sleep

  • Grace Mcintosh
    Grace Mcintosh

    That probably isn't safe

Make your own photo strip in your room. A new way to have all your favorite pictures on your wall.

Giant Photo Strip, for cheap, Tutorial - Sugar Bee Crafts
  • Francesca Fierro
    Francesca Fierro

    so cool... but uh, who exactly do ya make it...

  • katyrose

    creative (:

  • Kat Romeo
    Kat Romeo

    how do you do it? its very confusing

  • Aliyonna Cordone
    Aliyonna Cordone

    Yea how do u make it

Spoons, a small mirror, some hot glue and some cardboard! So easy and super cute!

Craftaholics Anonymous® | Spoon Mirror TUTORIAL
  • Discover European Style Scrapbooking
    Discover European Style Scrapbooking


  • Carter Gal
    Carter Gal


  • Faith Muli
    Faith Muli

    really cool

  • ifthi mohamed
    ifthi mohamed

    great one

Easy way to keep things organized in your room. Invest in some magnetic boards/strips!

25 Teenage Girl Room Decor Ideas - A Little Craft In Your Day

These flower lights are a great way to add some color to your room!

18 Dorm Decor ideas - A Little Craft In Your Day
  • Tanika Campbell
    Tanika Campbell

    I love it

Lipstick wall art--how cute!

Craftista: Valentine’s Day DIYs - ediTORIal by Tori Spelling

Not technically for "room decorating" -- but it is a crafty idea and it is for your room, so it works! Turn a brass tag into a stylish keychain using metal stamps, a hammer and this simple tutorial.

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Have an old tennis racket? Turn it into a mirror for your room! #UWOCrafts

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This 3D hand drawing would be super neat as a wall decoration in your room!

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  • katyrose

    this is so cool !

  • humairaah patel
    humairaah patel

    awsome i made it and it looked amazing ........thx

This is such a great idea for a little basket!

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  • Gypsy Frazier
    Gypsy Frazier

    i made something like this but its a purse

How crafty and simple! This would be perfect in any room! :)

10 Awesome DIY Wedding Bunting and Garland Ideas | Imbue You I Do

This is such an easy yet brilliant idea! This would be perfect for having friends over!

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Use markers to color your fan and bring some "cool" air to your room!

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  • Christopher J.
    Christopher J.

    I'm doing this I have a box fan though .. I know of coaeae glad I bought big fat sharpie markers

  • sas brown
    sas brown


A cool article by on "Dorm Decorating 101" Also has a link to some decorating ideas! (Link: budgetdecorating.... )

6 Essential Tips for Decorating a Dorm Room

These pebbles and stones would be great decoration pieces in any UWO room!

How To Paint Stones and Pebbles | DIY Cozy Home
  • Dibu

    So beautiful

Thanksgiving Door decor! :)

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**Some artistic talent required** :)

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  • Brandon Davis
    Brandon Davis

    How do you make it?

  • Rachel is a potato
    Rachel is a potato

    Probably by put tape where the lines are and painting the colors, then remove the tape

Never hurts to have a nice rug around :)

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