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Crafty Ideas for Your Room

All the crafty projects you could ever hope to make for your room. And maybe your neighbor's room. Or the whole hall.

The last thing you want laying around your room is a bunch of used cotton balls in your dorm room after doing your nails! Here's a cool way to make a reusable jar of nail polish remover to take with you to college.

If you have some extra time this weekend and feel like crafting a bit for your future room, try out this neat wall decoration idea! All you need is nails, a board, string, and a little patience :)

Worried your room might feel a bit cramped when you move in? Here are a few helpful tips to make your space feel bigger!

Bunking your beds may seem like a blast from the past, but it's a great way to save space in your room, and you can make it cute and cozy at the same time.

omg. such wow.

College dorm desk - looks almost exactly like my desk in Horizon! The backdrop is even magnetic!

When you move in and find that you have a loft already set up in your room (this situation depends on which Freshman dorm you get placed in), keep in mind you're absolutely allowed to take it down and have your bed on the ground! Just remember to put it back the way it was before you move out :)

Do you have more photos than you know what to do with? Why not create a collage on your wall? (I just might do this myself later!)

Whether you're storing makeup brushes or pens and pencils, this is a great way to add a little flair to your room! The best part is all you need is a can, some beads, and glue!

A great way to add from quick flare to your room: Find a decorative vase and add some faux flowers. If you're feeling extra crafty, decorate the vase yourself!

I will most definitely need to remember these tips. Just remember to get the wall hooks that peel off when you're done!

I love how simple this is! It's a great idea to separate different spaces in your room, from your sleeping area to your studying area.

I love this idea for keeping all my magazines and note books organized. Crafting night tonight? I think so!

What a crafty idea to decorate your dorm! All you need is a mason jar, some spray paint, and the optional glitter :) And I love the color! #TitanPride

Are you looking for an awesome way to store your toothbrush and toothpaste when you come to UWO? Here's an easy craft you can make!

17 Super Simple Dorm Organization Tricks (this is so cool!)

This seems simple enough, and you can never have too many crafty mugs for those late night study/coffee sessions!

Finally, something to do with all those coffee containers! I would definitely use these on my desk for storing school supplies.

Here's an easy craft you can make to add a little splash of color to your dorm room. Maybe with a black and gold theme?

Looking for some crafty storage ideas? Use a shower rack to store things such as nail polish. I did this for a friend of mine and she absolutely loved it!

Sports theme storage. I don't know how much you'd be able to hold with this (unless you could fasten it really well to something) — but the idea is neat!

I am equally excited for the vase AND to eat the Pringles. Yes. DIY Rustic Rock Vase.

A way to keep those cords hidden in your residence hall!

Create a Snow Globe!