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This lioness and her pack had just taken down a young elephant and she raised her head long enough for me(Rob Dweck) to get this shot before resuming her dinner.


Here is a brief lesson on how to draw an eye crying. For this technique using colored pencils / crayon and a sheet of paper as a medium brown to ocher.

zentangle design inspiration

I love paisley in a zentangle!


Invented and/or abstract texture. Art project idea: draw overlapping circles and then fill with a variety of creative patterns. I like black ink, but could also be done in color.

Zentangle Christmas tree

Zentangle Christmas tree, get working on mine for this years christmas card!

Warm/cool trees

Connect art, math, and science with this project idea - creating trees with warm and cool colors

warm/cool tree paintings

"Little Trees Growing" by Loretta Grayson. These originals are oils. Thinking grade could maybe do this as a paper mosaic and maybe zentangle tree trunk. Love these.

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