Imagine the fun your kids will have in this princess/castle themed room with custom-built bunk beds!

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In the vacation home 7754 Teascone Blvd, kids will enjoy spending time with Mickey, Minnie and their Disney friends in this "Mickey Mouse Clubhouse"-themed bunk bedroom.

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In 7443 Gathering Ct, Kids will love sleeping next to a "pineapple under the sea" in this SpongeBob SquarePants-themed bedroom

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The moon and stars glow in the dark in this "Despicable Me"-themed bedroom. Kids can even try to find all the hidden minions in this bedroom.

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In 1076 Castle Pines, kids can join Elsa, Anna, Kristoff, Sven and Olaf for an adventure to bring back summer in this "Frozen" themed queen bedroom.

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Tinker Bell and her fairy friends have used their pixie dust to decorate this whimsical twin bedroom in 7900 Plum Blossom Ct

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Kids can actually sleep inside this AT-AT Walker, or Imperial Walker, bunk bed in this Star Wars-themed bedroom located in the vacation rental home 7431 Gathering Ct.

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This Lego themed bedroom features two castle bunk beds and plenty of space for building Lego creations during your Orlando vacation

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Imaginations soar in this LEGO-themed bedroom in 7713 Comrow St, just 3 miles from Disney

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Far out! Kids can go on tour in this groovy The Beatles-themed bedroom featuring two VW bus bunk beds located inside 7431 Gathering Ct in Reunion Resort.

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