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Famous ancient Porch of the Caryatids overlooking Athens, Greece | Amazing Photography Of Cities and Famous Landmarks From Around The World

Ancient History Art - Famous ancient Porch of the Caryatids overlooking Athens, Greece

Καρυάτις ονομάζοναι τα γλυπτά που έχουν γυναικεία μορφή και χρησιμεύουν στην στήριξη κτιρίων. Η λέξη Καρυάτις στα αρχαία Ελληνικά σημαίνει Κόρη από τις Καρυές, μια πόλη κοντά στην Σπάρτη.Στην αρχαία αρχιτεκτονική τέχνη, ιδίως στον Ιωνικό ρυθμό οι κίονες συχνά αντικαθίσταντο με αναπαράσταση λυγερής γυναικείας μορφής.

Caryatid Porch, The Parthenon, Athens, Greece

Mount Olympus - Greece

Olympus, home of the Grecian gods. - SP Mount Olympus/Greece by Argyris Argyropoulos on

Corinth Canal/ When you see the depth from the bridge and realize men dug that by hand.. amazing..

Corinth Canal from above, Corinthos, Greece- I stood on that bridge!

Canal de Corinto . Greece

Passenger ship on the Corinthian Canal, Greece. Custom-made to fit the Canal?

Corinth Canal, Corinth, Greece

Photograph Canal of Corinto, Greece by Giuseppe Parolo on

Barn Garage Walls and Ceiling NewlyWoodwards09

Garage & Tool Shed Storage Inspiration: Use scrap PVC pipes to store handled tools.

cute winter table setting

cute winter table setting- buttons & face could be edible items: mints, candies, etc.

So cute! I would never have thought of this

So cute! Snowman place settings for kids table.

Painted Rock http://www.pinterest.com/nevnative/gardenyardporches/

≈ Hand Painted Rock - Kitty sleeping on a rock, i LOVE that they added the design to part of the rock and kept the rest natural as part of the design