Hmmmm.... wondering if I can get my Mom to help me make these for my yard - They would be perfect for the lake!! Lots of other cool rocks on here as well!

Gallery of Painted Rocks - Lin Wellford's Rock Painting.make a fish planter garden with painted pavers.

how cute is this.

How cute would this be at a beach house? Turning a old boat into a garden planter. Now to find an old boat!

The weathered wood of this old boat adds contrast in texture to the flowers planted inside

"I saw this pin for a boat flower bed - thought it could be fun to chuck one in the marsh and plant inside the boat." "You just want it so you can stand up front and shout, "I'M ON A BOAT, MOTHERFUCKER, ON A BOAT!

24 Creative Garden Container Ideas | Old boats as planters!

24 Creative Garden Container Ideas (with pictures)

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If you wish your yard was a beach zen oasis then check out these 5 seaside landscaping ideas! While the yards I featured on 10 Beach Yar.

Decorate Your Lake Front Home - Floating Planters! I Love this!

Colorful flowers in colorful boats, a stunning idea if you get married by a lake.

The garden boat....if we ever need to retire our row boat!  We have had too much fun in that boat to just let it go.

Here Is How You Can Turn Old Boats Into New Container Gardens

These old boats may no longer be seaworthy but they serve now as beacons in the landscape when repurposed as unusual container gardens.

Now here's an idea I've never seen before.  Very unique and very pretty.

yard decorations, boats with flowers. Like the shape if the boat, the rope is cute but this is really boring in terms of plants.

Red Flowers make this white boat stand out.

Wooden boat used as planter. Small wooden boat used as a large planter for annuals.

A larger-than-life bouquet on the high seas.

Flowers in Absurd, Beautiful Places

You live on a houseboat, you have no garden, what do you do . You put plants in containers on the roof of your houseboat or make a floating garden of your old rowboat.

Small dinghy boat turned planter with string lights in a sailboat shape to light up at night.

Small dinghy boat turned planter with string lights in a sailboat shape to light up at night. Van De Maele Van De Maele Hernandez lol we could do this with Tom's old boat LOL