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Vaishnavi Pemmaraju
Vaishnavi Pemmaraju
Vaishnavi Pemmaraju

Vaishnavi Pemmaraju

Elephant festival in Trishur

Ganga Aarti in Varanasi in the evening and the chaos in the place during the day.

Rann of Kutch in the moonlight

Good, because I don't have one.

absolutely true in my case.

Why do we do this??? I try to communicate but I guess it's easier to be silent!

I love this! I am so using this one day just to see the look on said person's face

true, isn't it?

How I wish it could be understood through such simple words!

we follow our heart we free ourselves of labels we lose control willingly we trade a role for reality we love the unfamiliar we trust strangers we own only what we can carry we search for better questions not answers we truly graduate we sometimes choose never to come back

indian-food:Pani Puri [my favorite street food!]

Uttarakhand 246443, India

It's just how I feel at the moment,

Venizia...this place looks incredible! - Double click on the photo to get or sell a travel guide to #Venice