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Bathroom | shower wall

Another bath inside whower idea: factory window shower - the BEST idea! Imagine this done huge-Japanese-bathroom style with an old claw-foot tub in an oversized shower, so you could have overflowy baths in a shower the size of a small room.

hinalea lauwili

hinalea lauwili

OOAK Purple steampunk heart pendant with key by ukapala on Etsy

The main bead is silver foil glass (dark purple). The small beads are brass and fire polished glass. The wire is enamel plated copper.


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Plus size curves and soft flesh to hold and squeeze tight. There kiss brings there passion to life. The feel of her large soft breasts against his chest. The touch of her bottom in his strong hands. All women are beautiful but, curvy women have so much to hold on too and touch. It makes a better lover out of him to please such a woman.~ ~JR

princesspolysemy: “ so many things are delicious about this photo. I love the richness of the embrace, the sexy fullness of her body, the desire in his posture and grip, the confidence in her shape.