Lego car with balloon power

Balloon Powered Lego Car

Balloon Powered Lego Car - There will be hours of fun when the kids make their own balloon powered LEGO Car! It’s such a simple idea but works a treat and it’s a great holiday project. Balloon Powered LEGO Car Tutorial via ‘The Crafty Mummy’

balloon powered lego car...that looks really cool!...have a contest...see whose car goes the farthest!

Pinterest Pin of the Day 3/16

Check out this balloon powered lego car! Looks like a fun project that could become a contest between kids to see who's balloon car will go the farthest.

mason jar terrariums

Plant grass, wheat or other grass seed in a jar, water, and kids take them home to watch the grass sprout and grow. :) ~ Exploring Nature~ Need plastic containers. Maybe Mayo jars cloroxed out.

Photosynthesis (C1, W12)

Tons of minibooks about plants: photosynthesis, types of roots, parts of a flower, etc.The Inspired Classroom: August 2011

Hibernation video

This is a great short film about the difference between torpor and hibernation, and explains why bears in zoos stay active all winter.

States of Matter - Solid, Liquid, Gas particle structure.

I found this picture representing the dispertion of atoms in a solid liquid and gas simple and would help to explain it to some one. States of Matter - Solid, Liquid, Gas particle structure.

Volcano Model (C1, W16-W17)

Week 17 Volcano Model This would be a neat addition for week 2 when we study about Mt.

Fiche identité chenille

Printable page about la chenille

New blog post! How I teach my students about rocks and minerals.

Rocks & Minerals Unit (Powerpoint, Student Notes, Test, and Activities)

Everything Rocks and Minerals Unit Lap-Book Activity (Grades

What is a pulley - Simple Machines

What is a Pulley? (With Narration) - Simple Machines

Science Notebooking...GREAT science blog!

Science Notebooking, Teaching, and Technology: Third Grade - Title Pages and Safety Posters

Système solaire

Elementary Spanish lesson - sistema solar -- free worksheet to learn about the solar system in spanish!

Plate Tectonics Foldable #Homework, #Geology, #PlateTectonics

Plate Tectonics Foldable

This foldable worksheet, the top portion can be used by the students as notes/study sheet. The bottom portion of the worksheet can be assigned for homework for students to complete after learning about the different plate boundaries.

Take a look at these fun hands-on science investigations for simple machines... kids keep their notes in their own notebook. (Creating Readers and Writers: Super Science: Simple Machines!)

Take a look at these fun hands-on science investigations for simple machines. (Creating Readers and Writers: Super Science: Simple Machines!

Parts of a Volcano (C1, W16-W17)

Weeks 16 & 17 - Cycle 1 Science volcanoes Volcano study on Homeschool Share based on the book Hill of Fire by Thomas P. Lewis - lapbook by Ami Brainerd