Valencia Widjaya

Valencia Widjaya

Valencia Widjaya
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Anime picture with original aida takanobu long hair single tall image looking at viewer red eyes brown hair twintails fringe standing light smile zettai ryouiki polka dot brown head tilt gradient girl thighhighs skirt

The Reader's Path, 2012 © Jeremiah D. MORELLI (Digital Artist, Middle School Teacher. Germany)

The Reader's Path, 2012 © Jeremiah D. Morelli (Digital Artist and Middle School Teacher from Germany)

Battery Park, New York City, via New York City Feelings neste link

Isn't it fresh to just chill on a bench at night and enjoy the beauty of night air and lights? Night Lights, Queens Walk, London - photo via scott Walked here with my step- daughter at night also.

This SUPER-EASY luxuriously sumptuous NO BAKE WHITE CHOCOLATE RASPBERRY CHEESECAKE is truly the ultimate dessert for any special occasion! Paired with a sweet-tangy raspberry sauce makes it even more luscious. Enjoy! #easy #recipe #nobake #white #chocolate #raspberry #cheesecake

Manila Spoon: White Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake with fresh Raspberry Coulis (No Bake) - divinely delicious! Make it today!

Super easy pattern perfect for a scarf! Free pattern.

Tailored knitting stitch pattern with chart. Just knits & purls - 15 row repeat. Alternate rows knit as indicated. Very easy, but this is a pattern you must watch while you knit. Not a knit while watching TV pattern. Would be great for throw or blanket.