Boxes become a fantastic hotel

HOTEL AIRE DE BÁRDENAS (Tudela, Spain), Built on one floor, the hotel is perfectly integrated with the landscape around it. It consists of a set of small cubes scattered field contributing to peace and quiet desert environment.

ME ENCANTO...aunque me daría miedo cruzar así porque sí! jaja ,lo que si es que amaría bajar escaleras y meterme a mi alberca :P

Glass walkway - Mansion in Hamilton Island (Australia), the Italian architect Renato D'Ettorre ❥"Hobby&Decor" inspirações!

One preservation strategy

WALL + FROSTING mindmadednoir: The warehouse in Madrid, Spain by Arturo Franco Office --- Rough textures behind glass

This New Resort Spa Is Covered In Hanging Gardens

Pure Spa, Naman Retreat, Vietnam - MIA Design Studio Spectacular - check out the plans as well, really beautiful internal courtyard and transition spaces.

Pixel by JEMS Architekci: This office complex breaks up the open free plan of a typical office building by using modular forms that alternate with individual balconies.

Waterside house folding doors and walls // Architecture, Living Space & Furniture Inspiration #09

Architecture, Living space & Furniture Inspiration #09

These window/doors slide down to create a deck. But what a cool idea for a tiny house. Outside-the-box design how these doors fold down to create a deck level with the interior of the house!

Gridded brick facade.

I have always loved brick façades. The depth of the façade and rectangular windows look great. I bet the architect enjoyed drawing the elevations: