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I'm Just Saying....

I'm Just Saying....

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My script analysis teacher said true

Reason #237819 that Fifty Shades is a steaming pile of shit.

This is why 50 shades of grey is complete sh*t


The most accurate description of life.


Have to accept it. Not everyone are same

17 Ron Swanson Quotes as Motivational Posters

17 Ron Swanson Quotes as Motivational Posters

really curious what "deranged masturbation" looks like....

Stephen Colbert on Michele Bachmann

Stephen Tyrone Colbert on Michele Bachmann on Obamocare


Who else here find sound of rain charming?

so. perfect.


The way to a girl's heart


Pretty much sums up everything I want in a relationship

but.....are there hats?

John Oliver of climate change skeptics

some truth from Epicurus

Epicurus (c. 341 - c. 270 BC)

- Faulkner

What I am feeling like at the moment

23 Reasons Your Period is Worse Than the Apocalypse

23 Reasons Why Getting Your Period Is Worse Than The Apocalypse


Bad Luck Brian in real life

Louis C.K.

Get used to it - 9GAG

My foray into the adult world. First business cards!!!

Vistaprint | Business Cards, Postcards, Invitations & More

Found this at my host family's house in Japan


Somebody help get this woman therapy.


Dear God, is there any meaning to my brief and painful existence?

Every date ever

Every date ever


World Cup has come!


Just make it stop.