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When I saw this I thought of Syndrome from Incredibles. I thinking along the lines of, so you would marry Syndrome? Like, didn't he die? Why would this be a relatable thing people would pin? Anyway, I thought that was funny.

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Here, hold my dignity.I've got some sketchy shit to do. You know you have thought about it at least once. Girl got fed up.

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I'm Not Sure What My Spirit Animal Is, But I'm Confident It Has Rabies. ha ha, some days a very bad case of rabies ;

Mom gets the last word

I told my Mom she was invading my personal space and she said I came out her personal space.<<<my mana on a daily basis

Someone posted a whisper, which reads "As soon as someone invents a time machine, I'm going back to when being fat and pale was a sign of nobility "

I used my manners today and said please. Well, actually I said bitch please but whatever. Close enough .

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Not work, don't work weekends but soccer games every Saturday! Damn you 830 cold weather!