Puree Organics by Studioahamed

Branding Inspiration: Puree Organics by Studioahamed

Puree Organics by Studioahamed - I love the antique-style botanical illustrations and brown paper Inspiration for gift wrapping

Drawing Shopwindow : A Fairy-tale World

The art of shop window : A fairy-tale world. Monochromatic and ink line style, Illustrations fill the store "ARTIFACTS" from window to outside garden. Amazing how she turned a regular store front into a illustration!

20 Vintage & Retro Logo Designs

Designspiration — SeptemberIndustry - The best in international graphic design and everything in between every week. CLASSY TYPOGRAPHY i like this logo. looks like a bike the one below. its simple but at the same time complex.

The Whole Catch by Cameron Turnbull

The Whole Catch By Cameron Turnbull Via Behance Logo Design Branding Visual Identity Blue Fish Store