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Dark Goth Girls

Goth Girls are very powerful, creative and typically have a keen sense of wit and intellect. They show it in their style, no matter what genre of the over 200 Goth versions that may be identified today. Here, we show professional models as well as everyday examples of Goth girls from Cyber-Goth, to Victorian Goth. They are all shockingly lovely.

Alternative model Lisa Swain just hangin' out with her dreads

#Goth girl Annie Zombie Queen caught in the forest

Latex catsuit

Call it Nu-Goth or hipster Goth, it's still pretty tantalizing.

#Goth girl Miana Cronk-Kellem as a #Cybergoth in yellow and black

From Wave Gotik Treffen 2013

Lovely purple haired #Goth girl with mini-black crown

#Goth girl Mystik Angel on the catwalk

Vampirefreaks member Mystik Angel putting on a purrific show!

#Goth girl Ikeda Hirari, well not just Goth, she does it all and is taking make-up in Japan after being an online model celebrity

Harajuku style with a Geisha #Goth girl and dreads, Cool mash-up

#Goth girl with blue hair and underbust corset

Punk / Goth / Post-apocalyptic Harajuku fashion in Tokyo..

Harajuku Fashion Walk #15 Street Snaps - 50+ Pictures

How about some color to your #Goth girl portfolio with Black Trash Evil from Vampirefreaks!

#Goth girl in latex in a diesel, Fetish style

Goth girl beauty blonde

Just your average group of Post apocalyptic, #cybergoth and #steampunk girls at The Vanilla Party in NYC 2013 with Melissa Saurus Wrecks two fro the right.

Purple lipped #Goth girl at the Mid Winter Fair Gothic and Fantasy in Alphen ad Rijn

#Goth girl cutie

Death rock cutie

#Goth girl model Toxic Tears going pastel Goth

Scene girl as part of the #Goth subculture or tween/teen fashion statement?

  • kayla

    Ugh! Far from goth.. It's a tweenie fad that should have stayed locked in a basement..

  • Michaela Osiecki

    I think it grew more out of the dying Emo trend and fascination with colorful Japanese styles. I think it can be cute, but it's adherents are usually obnoxious twats.

  • Cheyenne Dewey

    Tween/teen fashion statement, no question. Good luck finding someone over age 20 who likes scene fashion.

  • lynn in wondɛяland » ☯ ☀

    I used to be scene...god, that was a dark time. I was 9, 10, 11, and the beginning of age 12.

  • Cheyenne Dewey

    It's okay Lynn, we were all young at one point. We know how it was.

#Goth girl Misty Marie. Lovely, happy and smart!