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Star Wars star-wars-party

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Fun, healthy light saber snacks for a Star Wars party. Wrap old wine corks in foil for the handle, then stick it with a skewer of green and red grapes! Might want to dull the pointy skewer end for little ones. Was a big hit!

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Sweet Parties: Star Wars Party & Dessert Table


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Star Wars snacks. I'm not a fan of hamburgers, but a Han burger? Sounds pretty awesome!

Sweet Parties: Star Wars Party & Dessert Table

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Great ideas for a Star Wars birthday party. Tie Fighter snacks, games and Yoda punch by ofelia

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Star Wars snacks from our party

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Star Wars snacks for The Kid!

Kitchen Fun With My 3 Sons: Star Wars

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Yvonne Byatt's Family Fun: STAR WARS PARTY

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27 Best Star Wars Online Party Ideas

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star wars snacks....

Cute As a Fox: Father's Day Recap

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Star Wars Birthday Party - Pizzazzerie

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Star Wars: Admiral Ackbar Snackbar - justJENN recipes