mermaid cocktail ring

how stunning is this cocktail ring? it features a glittering array of mermaid-like scales-covered in white ice and amber crystals-that evokes an old hollywood glamour, busby berkeley aquacade-style.

crustache... mustache sandwich cutters

Funny Gifts and Crustache Crust Cutter at Perpetual Kid. Hosting a party and not sure what to do for finger foods? Use a Crustache Sandwich Cutter and dazzle

OTTO Fan / Stadler Form (Swizz Style) #fan #home

Stadler Form Ventilator OTTO bambus

This is THE fan for a mid-century decorated room. THE fan. Stadler Form Otto Bamboo Fan by Swizz Style at Gilt

summer bbq game!!

Battle Shots is the New Beer Pong

It's Beer Battleship! Play the same as regular Battleship, but when you're ship gets hit, you drink. To really get things moving, fill all the ships with shots and all the free spaces with beer (a little mind you) and drink on every turn.

anthropologie rug

Whorled Felt Rug

Whorled Felt Rug - The handstitched design of this colorful, zigzaggy rug was inspired by the mesmerizing natural details of geodes and Brazilian fire agates.