Haz U Not Seen "JAWS"!

I agree with the dog even though I haven't seen Jaws I do love the beach and the ocean tho

Summer problems... (oh my lord yes! It's getting to 105 everyday now D: not looking forward to July

Signs that summer is coming…

Funny pictures about Signs that summer is coming. Oh, and cool pics about Signs that summer is coming. Also, Signs that summer is coming.


Such an inspiring quote…

LOL IT DOES MEAN LETTUCE << nooo but according to another post lettuce means "never give up" in flower language<< lechuga means lettuce in spanish

Safety first, right nurses? Bottoms up! #NurseBling #Drinks #Fun

Personalized Nurse Wine Glass by BlessYourHeartGlass on Etsy I have to get this for my mom lol

Random Wishes Really Do Come True at This Hotel

So I booked a hotel room online. Gotta love the woodlands resort;) god, I love my hometown lol