This would be an incredible way to keep track of all the assignments that students have missed. Sometimes students miss more than one day because of an emergency and they need a whole collection of missed assignments. This also holds students responsible for going back and getting the assignments for the days they missed.

Have a self-service spot for kids who were absent.

Tip: Absent Bin to place missed work inside the folders (which are labeled days of the week). Also have a sign off sheet to verify that the absent student received the work.

While I believe this may not work for middle school students, this could probably work great for students in the fifth grade. Whenever students are too loud and rowdy, I can simply spray some "Quiet Spray" and help them settle down.

When all else fails, spray Quiet Spray into the air! ~~ 27 Attention-Getters For Quieting A Noisy Classroom

Classroom Jobs are usually left for Elementary students, but I think that giving classroom jobs to young adults is awesome too. When students get assigned a job, they feel important, liable, and like a leader. This is a great way to incorporate the help of students into the classroom.

10 Classroom Jobs for Middle School and High School - good to set up at the beginning of the year. Good for teaching responsibility to Freshman.

Students sometimes get done early with all their assignment and I believe this would be a wonderful extra activity for them to keep busy. Not only will they do other assignments while they are waiting for the rest of the class to finish, but they are also completing the assignment for a goal: connecting 3/Tic-tac-toe! This is a great idea for any content area.

Tic-Tac-Toe for early finishers. When students have finished an assigned activity, they select additional activities from the tic-tac-toe board. When they complete 3 in a row, they earn some sort of reward.

I fell in love with this idea as soon as I saw it! Sometimes students think they are sneaky and smart when they pull out their phone during class time, down the hall, or even in the cafeteria. By taking away a student's phone until the end of the day, they will hopefully learn their lesson and not take it out again.

Ideas for 2014-2015 classroom (from Pinterest!)

This poster demonstrated "Problem Solving Start to Finish" and I believe that this is perfect for young adults. When students get to middle school, they need shorter but more direct. By allowing students to look at this chart on their own, they'll be able to independently solve their problems.

Problem Solving Start to Finish

Problem Solving GRAPHIC ORG Problem Solving Start to Finish. 145 Task cards for the steps of problem solving for Older Elementary and Middle School students.

Students who have misbehaved at school can reflect on the reasons for their behavior and discuss their feelings with this printable reflection form. This will help the students correct their mistakes and think before they speak or act the next time; this is a great behavioral strategy.

Students who have misbehaved at school can reflect on the reasons for their behavior and discuss their feelings with this printable reflection form.