Is it live or is it Memorex?

I had those memorex tapes! Recording songs off the radio was an art! Hahaha :) "i used to spend hours recording songs off the radio. I still have a couple mixed tapes.

Remember recording countless hours of TV onto VHS?

Remember recording multiple movies on one tape? I do love that u can find VHS movies for like a but your taking a chance thy dont work, but for a Who cares. I'm glad I still have a VHS player!

Trapper Keeper

you had to cover your trapper keeper with lisa frank stickers.I had this exact trapper keeper. and tons and tons of stickers.

Spice Girls

Scary Spice Spent Most Of The '90s With Her Mouth Open

Spice Girls recreate the famous "Hitler in Paris" photo

15 cartoons from the 80s you probably forgot existed... holy cow I did!

15 Cartoons From The ‘80s You Probably Forgot Existed

15 cartoons from the you probably forgot existed. Beverly Hills Teens was my favorite! oh and Heathcliff!

McDonald's....oh the memories of these characters!!!

[Nostalgia = a feeling of pleasure and also slight sadness when you think about things that happened in the past] McDonalds ! Whatever happened to ronald mcdonald & his friends seems like his friends disappeared then slowly he disappeared too

MEGGOMANIA: Remember This!? 80's Plastic Charm Necklaces Ruled The School Bus

Plastic Charm Necklaces - I didn't have nearly this many charms! I remember playing with the charms more than wearing them!

Full House sweet memories

Mary-Kate Olsen, Ashley Olsen, Candice Cameron, Jodie Sweetin, Bob Saget Full House love this show

We called it "Heads up 7 up" - Imgur

We called it "Heads up 7 up"

A classroom full of thumbs raised: thumbs up 7 up! I loved this game on rainy days!

moon bounce???

Art Best Toy I loved my Cabbage Patch Dolls, but I spent FAR more time outside playing with my Skip-It and my Pogo Ball. I miss you, Pogo Ball. kickin-it-applecheeks

Charms from the eighties - on the white chain - I think I still have this in my basement!