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Miku, Luka, Rin, Len, Meiko, Gakupo, Kaito (Vocaloid)

Vocaloid - Alice Human Sacrifice I always wanted to think that Luka was the next "Alice" and that she would be a Joker card and break the chain of murders.

anime hatsune miku vocaloid

anime hatsune miku vocaloid<<< I love it when artists put anime characters underwater, it makes them so much cooler and it really makes you look at them differently

Vocaloid Oh Meh Gerd THIS IS THE BEST THING EVA >~< I can name all these costumes >~< so Kawaii xD

All the different Miku costumes and I think they are each different songs.

Kagerou Project - Mekaku City Actors.  I already know i posted this i just need it for refrence and closer at the top so i can see it better cuz cba to scroll down ~~ too busy to do it ~~ teehee (^ν^) (^з^)-☆

Mekacury city actors I just pinned this so I can memorize their names. It's impossible to get their names straight just going off of the music videos.

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Aiight but did anyone realise this is a picture from a Hatusune Miku song -- I try not to but people will let you down you just have to stay positive and choose your friends from the heart instead of the face.


She is the heroine of the story who has lost her memories. Within the dating sim game and anime.