Vanessa Eleutério Miranda

Vanessa Eleutério Miranda

Vanessa Eleutério Miranda
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Kesidov | Hanging Garden scarf

Completely upcycled, made of silk and viscose clothes, with details of man-made fibers. You can change the form of the scarf by binding fringes on the bottom and on the sides.

Igreja de Santa Maria sobre Minerva (Assis)

Roman Temple of Minerva in the middle of Assisi: tempio di Minerva, piazza del Commune Scopri le Offerte!

Perdemos um Mestre. Curta o Paraíso, Seu Luiz!

Internado após transplante, Luiz Melodia tem casa roubada no Rio

NEW - Long Bohemian Gypsy Wool Felted Multi Color Scarf

Patchwork Bohemian Gypsy Ethnic Silk Cotton Multi by ApricotCircus