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Literally laughed out loud. Loooove it. Special shoutout to a certain someone!



Funny stuff

Sadly, so true! I'm a big girl and I can find pants to fit. Skinny girls with muffin tops annoy me.

The struggle is real.

I'm crying from laughing so hard! It gets funnier ever time I look at it!


I don’t always text in bed

Life Choices. Oh my god, I'm dying from laughter!!! Bahahahaha

Netflixing. I need this.

Random Funny Pictures – 97 Pics

Watching shows on Netflix.

True friend testing

Freddie Mercury

and well if you are too stupid to handle that . . . then you're just being a lil' bitch. Prove me wrong.


Hell yeah or soon you'd be hearing your name

How Miley sees herself…This is prob 100% True

I try to remind my kids not to do this; they're grammar Nazis.

Hahaha yep!!!