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My October 2012 Regency-set historical romance from Kensington Zebra

Vanessa Kelly
Chapter 5: Over tea with Meredith & Lady Stanton, Phoebe hears all the family gossip.  “Do they always act like that around each other?” Phoebe asked cautiously. Meredith rolled her eyes. “Sadly, Aunt Georgina is right. It’s usually much worse. Last Easter they actually got into a fistfight, in the middle of my sister’s dining room. I had to fall into a fit of hysterics to get them to stop.”


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Chapter 2:  Phoebe learns of her grandfather's death, and of his plans for her.  “Why would my grandfather want me to marry you?” she exclaimed. “I never even knew you existed before today.” A muscle flexed in his jaw, and she belatedly realized how  horrified she sounded, as if she could imagine nothing worse than marriage to him. She realized with a start that she was shrinking away from him, as if frightened."

Victorian novels like Pride and Prejudice teach us how to behave

Victorian novels like Pride and Prejudice and Dracula act like are good for us and help to teach us how to behave, claim scientists.

Chapter 13:  Lord Castle is a very rude man!  "Lord Castle barked out an ugly laugh. “Really, Merritt, you and your fiancée are more amusing than the acrobats at Astley’s. Perhaps you should consider joining the circus.”  Something snapped in Phoebe’s head. She stepped in front of Lucas and glared up at the viscount. “You, sir, are a poltroon, a braggart, and a . . . a loose fish,” she stormed. “You have bothered us long enough, Lord Castle."

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Chapter 15:  The ball was a COMPLETE disaster!  "This terrible drama and discord  was her fault. Well, to be fair, Lucas must also share the blame. Both for  that scene in the ballroom and afterward, when he dragged her into the anteroom and kissed her. But she should have been strong enough to resist the temptation he posed. Now,  because of her weakness, another breach had opened in the Stanton family."

Writing the Regency Novel

I’m giving a workshop at the RWA National Conference this July (just got the times and it’s Friday at 4:30 – 5:30, so early enough to enjoy dinner Friday). And part of what I̵…

Chapter 4: Lucas takes Phoebe to Stanton House, in Grosvenor Square, to meet her relatives.  "Phoebe clutched his muscular arm and stared up at the huge, imposing town house. The short trip through London’s streets had not made her sick, but taking in all the gleaming marble, polished windowpanes, and glittering brass fixtures made her  feel more than a little dizzy."

Grosvenor Square in the Regency and Jane Austen and Ghosts

History The location of the lord or ladies home in London is always something I spend time over. And each time I then research the square I use or re-research it. I have used Grosvenor Square a few…

Chapter 18:  The Wedding Night.  "Phoebe stared back at him, her beautiful eyes wide with conflicting emotions. Lucas saw a touching mix of eagerness and vulnerability, along with a large dollop of uncertainty in  those sherry-colored depths. It was a heady combination, one that brought forth in him an answering mix of tenderness and lust."

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Christmas wreath I made out of cover flats from His Mistletoe Bride and my other books.

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Chapter 14:  The first kiss.    "Phoebe’s eyes grew wide as Lucas swooped down to kiss her. But when his lips met hers she squeezed her eyelids closed, overcome by the shock of his touch and the temptation  that trembled through her. His mouth took hers in a silken slide, softly at first, as if granting her time to adjust. She had never felt a man’s kiss on her mouth. Her heart pounded with  something akin to fright, yet she could not resist his lure..."

Grateful: Day 76 - New Year's Eve Eve

Today, I am surrounded by couples kissing. I'm sure it's a good sign, though sometimes it feels a little bit not. I have a very sweet couple right in front of me right now who can't bear to be apart. The boy has brought his chair around so he can sit next to the (very beautiful) girl he is with and periodically bury his face in her neck. To my left a shaven-headed man has just kissed the hand of his bob-haired girlfriend before placing it on his scalp for an enforced - but seemingly…

Chapter 11:  Phoebe's first ball.  Too bad she and Lucas started the evening with a fight.  "Phoebe studied the immense stone lions guarding the doors of Lady Framingham’s ballroom. With their fierce expressions and arched backs, the beasts looked ready to pounce on any unsuspecting dancers who wandered too close. Right now, she  rather wished one of them would come to life and swallow her in a single gulp."


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Chapter 8:  The ladies discuss the feuding cousins, Lucas and Silverton.  "Meredith muttered a surprisingly rude oath as she glared daggers at her husband’s retreating back. Phoebe blinked in surprise, while Annabel let out a laugh. “That certainly says it all,” Annabel finally managed. “I suppose I was foolish to hope that Silverton and Lucas might  be trying to patch things up.”

On Morning Calls and Hosting Dinner Parties, Balls and Routs in the Late Regency

In my last post, we examined gentlemen’s etiquette, so it’s only fair to see how the ladies are behaving. I’m excerpting from the British edition (the book was later released in America) of Domest…

Chapter 20 - Phoebe wakes up in her bedroom on her first morning in Mistletoe Manor - alone.  "A clattering sound pulled her awake. Phoebe’s eyes flew open and she bolted upright, her heart thudding and her mind groping to remember where she was. Her gaze flitted from one corner of the room to the other, finally landing on Maggie pulling back the heavy drapes that hung over the window recesses of her bedroom."

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