Vanessa Nesvig
Vanessa Nesvig
Vanessa Nesvig

Vanessa Nesvig

Loves being outside, immersing herself in nature, and being inspired to create from looking.

Fiacre in Portland Maine is good for the soul!

Witch hazel in bloom at the Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens.

Love the Naples Botanical Garden!

Giverny is the place to go to see Dahlias!

A Walk through a spice garden in India

Cole crops still going strong!

Using Pintrest as a DIY field guide!

Mireille Mosler Ltd. exhibiting at Kunsthandel P. de Boer, Herengracht 512, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Sauerkraut has probiotic power!

Wild crabapples by the side of the road.

The Maine Coastal Botanical Garden is always a treat, even in October.

Nothing more beautiful than glass flowers and sea creatures that look alive!

Look for Shaggy Mane mushrooms by the side of the road in fall!

Brussel sprouts are ready for harvest, but have to get there before the dog!

Harvard Museum of Natural History- amazing glass flower collection!

Garden Ornaments: How much is too much!?

Star Island Pel Garden: Charming and Sustainable!