This is a FREE graphing and shape recognition activity for the day of school. It's a wonderful activity for Kindergarten students. Children color the shapes, then they complete the graphing activity by counting the shapes in the 100 days picture.

UPDATED - 100 Days Smarter Classroom Pack #1

100 Day activities: 100 gumballs in a gumball machine. Can do with a bingo dauber or make fingerprints. I'd have them choose 10 colors and make 10 gumballs of each one, so they can easily count to 100 by

Day Snack- I do this trail mix with my kiddies every year. We decorate their snack bags with Day Trail Mix written on it and they fill it counting out 10 pieces of each of the 10 snacks :)

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day of school gumball machines "We had a 'ball' on the day of school!" **Can say how many of each color gumball**

q-tip painting . count by day activity { fine motor work too!} I like this idea for teaching the concept of time. Do 60 instead and count by

Teddy Grahams or Gummy Bears Coco Puffs or Kix Cereal or Cheese balls Mini Marshmallows Pretzels Chocolate chips Fruit Loops or Cheerios M's Goldfish Popcorn Bags to hold the snack