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Finding friends with the same mental disorder as you.... Priceless! @LaDonna Wooten, @LouAnne Barnes, @Kimberly Burks, @Michelle Driver Tara, Teri---and family, too, @Heather Summerford Sherman, @Lawanda Duvall :D

Three Stooges Finding Friends With The Same Mental Disorder Priceless and other trending products for sale at competitive prices.

I was going to my first day of kindergartin and I sat down on the bus and I met my partner in crime who had the same firstname as me:)

I've never thought I was normal, but still true! What fun is normal when there are so many other things to be?

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For sure gives ya a opportunity to learn a person before making a long term relationship to see how close you 2 match

Social Health: This pin is relevant because the friendship with my best friend started with an unexpected simple talk.