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Seriously people, I'll be blunt: everyone NEEDS confidence. They're no point of being insecure about yourself, so appreciate your accomplishments! And it's completely fine to be braggy, so long as your not forcing yourself to do so, just to get attention.

100 Inspirational Quotes That Summarize The Wisdom About Life

My rule of life: #1 "If you want something you never had, you have to do something you've never done."

not necessarely me... It depends... the choices of others also affect us... ;-) não necessariamente eu... depende... as escolhas de outros também nos afetam... ;-)

This is the feeling that every girl wants because it is justification that the feelings are there; and what I also think is funny is the fact that when every girl reads this "him" is immediately replaced with someones name without even thinking about it.

Yes you can! ...and you did.... Need I remind you? Ran half marathon AIC CrossFit Competition PR'd Deadlift - Learning to live with the empty nest Smiling when you feel like crying ..these are just a few of the hard things you can do. js