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Babes & Kiddos

Ok, so yes this is in a baby's room... but I really love the look of those straw baskets & white shelves! Cute alternative to a dresser perhaps.

Your child receives a quarter each time he helps out. Then he can "buy" from the house "store." Teach him about money & responsibility.

Baby safe paint...molds so don't make early

five pillow cases sewn together, insert pillows

Perfect - Teething biscuits...way to use up infant cereal. Sweetened with bananas - no sugar.

Granny, wanna help?! :)

Power Momma: Rosie the Riveter: Breastfeeding, Babywearing Champion!

beautiful babywearing

Dreaming of ... Didymos hemp india

Hello my new beauty! DIDYMOS Pfau Cinnamon

Girasol Wrap - Chakras Just BEAUTIFUL!!

Why crotch danglers can hurt your baby.

A great reminder about hip dysplasia and comfort for your baby! The sit squat position (on the right) is ergonomic & the position in which YOU would want to be carried! Please share!

Babywearing: Why Forward Facing Isn’t For You

Love this! - TOOTH FAIRY PILLOW you get to add the date for every tooth given to the tooth fairy

Heart hand print - make for Valentine's Day

This is what happens when you microwave a bar of Ivory soap! Then you can tear it up, color it, and mold it into shapes! It's not wet and messy, either!

Baby's First Christmas Ornament - Dip baby's foot in glue and then glitter then ornament!. The other grandparents gift:)

brillant addition to the chore chart! have the kids pick what they want to do and earn as much money as they choose

6 tips for potty training boys. Pin now, read later...way later.

Write the alphabet on a cookie sheet, provide magnetic letters to match.

Gold coins at the bottom, Skittles and marshmallows on top... Possibly the cutest thing I've ever seen!!

The ultimate play dough recipe - silky smooth and smells great!