Oh this brings back memories!

I had those memorex tapes! Recording songs off the radio was an art! Hahaha :) "i used to spend hours recording songs off the radio. I still have a couple mixed tapes.

gum wrapper chain

Gum Wrapper Chains - I remember making these in grade school. You can also do it with starburst wrappers!

Candy necklaces

In Candy Necklaces Were Introduced Into The United States. Candy Necklaces Are An Enduring Candy Classic Today. Candy Necklaces Were A "Must Have" Accessory For Any Well Dressed Kid Or Kid-At-Heart.

Illustration by Richard Scarry from When Bunny Grows Up. The baby bunny wants to grow up to be a daddy. So sweet.

An earlier pinner said, "bunny bedtime. this was my fav bed time book, and I still have mine from when i was little!

Growing Pains! I love Kirk! :)

One of the shows I couldn't live without in the was Growing Pains. I was absolutely in love with Cool Guy Kirk Cameron and I had a pret.

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