Vani Doraisamy

Vani Doraisamy
New York, NY / Telling stories is what I am good at. Professionally, I make a living out of journalism. Just got onboard Pinterest. Thinking of making this a food-and-fitness
Vani Doraisamy
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Capsicum Fry with roasted peanuts,,,gotta try this someday!

capsicum fry recipe with step by step photos. Healthy capsicum stir fry recipe made in a north karnataks style. Delicious and tasty made with fresh ground spice powder

FIVE TASTE OOTHAPPAM. This recipe could do with some variety and innovation in the toppings department, but is a good template to start with.

Five taste oothappam is easy to make if we have dosa batter ready, which is topped with 5 kinds of topping.

Chilli Tofu ....enough said!!

An Indo-Chinese recipe for Chilli Tofu, a healthy vegan take on Chilli Paneer, a fusion dish served in Chinese restaurants around India.