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Bring light to the world

Would love a water color tattoo if I could find someone good enough to do them!

Empire of self-destruction

I'm pretty sure this is the art of Grace Neutral. I love her work.

Underboob Tattoos|Rebel Circus

Nick Broslavskiy this would be an amazing tattoo on the ribs or thigh

NICK BROSLAVSKIY, tattoo artist

Love underboob tattoos! Would probably never get one, but I think they are pretty

Thursday Dopeness (30 Pics) - SNEAKHYPE

Sexy floral side piece by Dillon Forte #InkedMagazine

Dillon Forte - Inked Magazine

Stomach, Moon Tattoo

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Think this looks awesome on girls however hear it's super painful on bone.

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Chakra colors absolutely beautiful

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mandala tattoo - really love this one

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elements tattoo on the arm. that'll be the one I'm gonna get for representing my backpacking-trip through south america.

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Thought of this because of your love for space and the outside world, I actually like the placement on the arm but I think it'd look lovely down the middle of your back

15+ Cosmic Tattoo Ideas For Astronomy Lovers

#ink #tattoo

Netflixplusfoodequalsbae: (Peace, love, empathy.)

Tattoo Birds "with brave wings she flies", Font Signerica (*vtáky, vtáčiky "s odvážnymi krídlami/na odvážnych krídlach lieta", typ písma Signerica)

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imagine-us-complexly - Sweet Nothing

This Is What It Is to Earn A Dragon's Loyalty - HTTYD 2

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"my new tattoo, “if you’re still breathing you’re the lucky one” this lyric from the song “youth” definitely hits home. I’ve been to hell and back and have had my family fight for my life, my uncle is fighting through cancer, I’ve watched my biological dad hurt himself, people close to me have taken their lives for granted. life is a precious thing and we’re all lucky to be alive and breathing today."

supposedly it gets better

Kelly Violence Tattoo - Roses for Aileen

Kelly Violence Tattoo - Roses for Aileen

damn, i *just* decided on my other wrist tattoo and now i see this... back to the drawing board

Fuck Yeah, Book Arts! (teachingliteracy: seenecdoche)

"I am the master of my fate. I am the captain of my soul." love the quote and placement

E’s Boudoir Vixen Shoot & Story

Joan of Arc quote in French meaning "I am not afraid. I was born for this."

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The 34 Kinds Of Tattoos That Look Insanely Hot On Guys

Beautiful placements! In love with the scripture.

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" the drawing was so realistic its touch was soft as a rose "

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