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side lunge

Discover How to Lose Hip Dips. Learn how to lose hip dips, the best exercises for hips and get a hip dip workout that really works from Christina Carlyle.

Bikini Booty Workout CABLE CROSS SQUAT

With summer right around the corner, we’re all working a little harder on shaping up our beautiful bikini backsides. However, if you’ve been counting on the squats and presses alone to get the round, tight booty you want, you may be disappointed.

Bikini Booty Workout

Cardio and resistance training are equally important when it comes to sculpting the perfect body. But time is of the essence, and hitting the gym twice per day (once for cardio and once for weight) may not be an option. So what’s the best way to build.

How To Build Muscle And Lose Fat At The Same Time - THEBODYBUILDINGBLOG

If you want to really concentrate on body building, weight training is an important part of your workout program. Weight training in body building is a very

Ultimate Guide to Growing the Glutes – BelleBot

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Strong & Shapely Glutes | FitnessRX for Women

What exactly are “perfect legs and glutes?” If you asked a room full of women, you’d get all sorts of different preferences: small legs… thick legs… long legs… round glutes… small butt.

Just the other day, my trainer took one look at me, smiled and said, "Your butt looks so big in those shorts." Unable to control my emotions, I immediately filled up with excitement, jumped into the air and exclaimed, "Yippeee!" It’s pretty funny that...

To target your glutes, or any muscle for that matter, you must get your mind connected to the muscle. However, this is particularly important when performing compound exercises like squats, lunges and leg presses.