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The Secrets of Your Classroom - What Your Set Up Says About You

mathematically correct and encouraging positive comments

Go Figure!

Print Graphs on Post It Sticky Notes from CoolMath - FunMath on - (20 pages) - Innovative Fun Time Saver for all Math classes 6 - 12+. Easily print blank graphs on Post It Brand or any brand sticky notes.

Print Graphs on Post It Sticky Notes |

Classroom Rules

Classroom Rules Modern Wall Decal

The figure illustrates the strength of different correlations via scatterplots. Note that for both positive and negative relationships, the stronger the correlation, the more compact the scatter to a central area. Note that for both positive and negative correlations, the tightness of the scatter corresponds to the size of the correlation coefficient r. The closer r is to 1.00 or -1.00, the tighter the scatter, and the closer r is to 0.00, the more scattered the relationship.

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Print rubrics onto labels, then stick them onto student work. Love this idea!

I Love My Classroom: Writing Rubric Labels

Bulletin Board Idea

25 Creative Bulletin Board Ideas for Kids - Hative

This is so true!

Teacher Memes |

Tic Tac Grow puzzle (mark a box, then add a box to the game board. Goal is to get 4 in a row)

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Editable Course Syllabus Template to include in Interactive Notebooks. $

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This worksheet is intended for use after students have learned the basics of writing equations in slope-intercept form.I tried to pick somethin...

Super Linear Equations

Would You Rather? | Asking students to choose their own path and justify it

Would You Rather?

For my math students

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a site dedicated to high school math teachers...

Store: Janet-Knox -

Linear Equations Matching Activity (Group Project)

Quadratic Formula INB Page

Algebra 2: Solving Quadratics INB Pages

Bulletin Board Ideas! A great blog post with the Top 10 Ways to Make Your Bulletin Boards Pop! LOVE this!!!

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Real life math lesson - how to balance check books and bank accounts. Great idea for kids, math and real world lessons about money!

The Princess and the Tot: Math Monday - Lesson 3

Geometry- solving real world problems using food Mrs. White's 6th Grade Math Blog

Mrs. White's 6th Grade Math Blog: FOOD FOR THOUGHT

Crafty Teacher Lady: Free Classroom Poster Printables

Crafty Teacher Lady: Free Classroom Poster Printables

Wow! Free site that presents materials, provides multiple examples, and provides practice questions in multiple choice format with immediate feedback that includes the problem worked out. A great resource for teachers and students. Check it out!

Factoring in Algebra

Angry Birds Quadratics Project

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Math = Love: 2014-2015 Algebra 1 Unit 1 Interactive Notebook Pages

2014-2015 Algebra 1 Unit 1 Interactive Notebook Pages

Students calculate and compare slope (rate of change) shown in tables, graphs, equations, ordered pairs, word problems and right triangles to find the greatest slope. Once the greatest slope is determined on each card, another piece of the mystery message is revealed!

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interactive Math Notebooks