Vampire kit

The specimens of Alex CF ? Vampiric Anatomical Biological Research Case ~ Circa 1780 Francis Gerber Vampyric research case. The Specimens of Alex CF

vampire slaying kit. This authentic vampire killing kit circa 1800s was sold at an auction for $14,850. This is a complete kit that comes fully equipped - stakes, mirrors, a gun with silver bullets (because where there are Vampires there might be Werewolves), crosses, a Bible, holy water, candles and garlic.

Real vampire kit…

Funny pictures about Real vampire kit. Oh, and cool pics about Real vampire kit. Also, Real vampire kit.

It's amazing what the body and mind can do when they come together.

Armed with only a piece of charcoal, Heather Hansen is creating enormous masterpieces. Heather is a New Orleans-based artist who really puts herself into her work. In her project, "Emptied Gestures," she creates something like you've never seen before.

The Vampire Hunting Kit by GreenDragonWorkshop

My latest project, a Century Vampire Hunting Kit reproduction. The entire kit is made from solid oak wood and measures L x W x The Vampire Hunting Kit

Relic from ninth-century grave revealed as Viking witch's magic wand #DailyMail

Relic from ninth-century grave revealed as Viking witch's magic wand

The Viking witch's magic wand: Relic from ninth-century grave 'was disabled by terrified villagers who feared its sorceress owner would rise from the dead'

Amazing 2D Rubens’ Tube Visualizes Sound With a Plane of Fire

Pyro Board: An Audio Visualizer Created from an Array of Flames sound science fire