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Proposal to Cig Smokers

Proposal to Cig Smokers

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Vaping is a great alternative to smoking because vapor does not contain the toxic carcinogens found in tobacco products.

In the words of Daft Punk, "Work It Harder, Make It Better, Do It Faster, Makes Us stronger". #attraction #love #arousal #vapor

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Ready for the next big thing? Well I'm here to give it to you. Vapormones are almost here, about to take the world by storm. Combining health & vaping juice with our formulas! We've taken the science of olfaction to bring you the fastest and simplest way to enhance yourself. Best of all we're nicotine free! Read more today at Be the first to see the future!

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Quit Smoking

Stop smoking today!

Don't let smoking affect your life!

Reasons why you should stop stop smoking!

Stop smoking

Smoking is like signing your own death warrant. Quit today before its too late!

The Best Anti Smoking Ads

Electronic Cigarettes VS Traditional Smoking

Dangers of Smoking Anatomical Chart

Don't get hooked by big tobacco companies.

When you are a pregnant smoker, you are not only harming yourself but your unborn child as well. Stop smoking today!

The roaches are getting your cancer.

Stop Smoking Today!

When you switch to vaping, you no longer have to worry about smoking being a fire hazard.

Smoking vs. Vaping: which one is ideal for you? We all know that smoking come with a lot of risks. Try switching to vaping, and see how much your lung function increases!

Vaporizer Health |

electronic cigarette myths

Keep calm and vape on!


Stop Smoking Using Essential Oils

You’re stronger than they are!

Smoking is very dangerous! Most people that smoke began smoking at a very young age! Don't let smoking damage your health. If you don't take care of yourself who will.

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Find yourself a helping hand, and you will be able to get through it!