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Lily Elsie

Lily Elsie was a popular English actress and singer during the Edwardian era,best known for her starring role in the hit London premiere of Franz Lehár’s operetta 'The Merry Widow'.

"Как ангел, ты тиха, чиста и совершенна.."

theimperialcourt: “ Grand Duchess Elizabeth Feodorovna of Russia November 1864 – 18 July was a German princess of the House of Hesse, and the wife of Grand Duke Sergei Alexandrovich of.

Настоящий Винни Пух.

 The real life Christopher Robin and Winnie the Pooh Christopher Robin Milne was the son of author A.A. Milne who based the Winnie the Pooh book series on Christopher’s stuffed bear.

giovanni boldini | Giovanni Boldini. Портреты и оригиналы

Genevieve Lantelme was a French actress, socialite and courtesan, best known as the mistress of Alfred Edwards, from whose yacht she fell to her death in July 1911 Truly a great beauty of the day.

Hypertrichosis (also called Ambras syndrome) is an abnormal amount of hair growth over the body. Extensive cases of hypertrichosis have informally been called werewolf syndrome, because the appearance is similar to the werewolf. Several circus sideshow performers in the 19th and early 20th centuries  had hypertrichosis. Many of them worked as freaks and were promoted as having distinct human and animal traits.

weirdvintage: “Alice E. Doherty was born in 1887 with a rare genetic mutation called “hypertrichosis”, or “werewolf syndrome”, which causes excessive body hair. She was billed as “The Minnesota Woolly Baby”. At birth, she was covered all over in.