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Created for a crochet class I'm developing: How to Crochet Herringbone Chains--it's an unusual doubled-up type of chain stitch. These pins include design…
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An array of colorful examples of this herringbone chain used in stitch patterns, motifs, beaded cords, tambour, and jewelry. All labeled with similar text as in description. Tunisian Crochet, Crochet Chain Stitch, Crochet Basics, Double Crochet, Herringbone Stitch, Crochet Classes, Crochet Borders, Crochet Chain
Fancy New Crochet Chains Online Class
Registration closes 5/15/22!⏱️ This is a different kind of crochet chain stitch developed by Vashti Braha. It's great for jewelry cords, surface (tambour), picots, and even new stitch patterns! Class details: How to Crochet Herringbone Chains for all the Things A new online class by Vashti Braha for CGOA Wednesday May 18 & Thursday May 19 1:00 pm –2:00pm *Central Time*
a poster with the words, one of these chains is not like the crochet chains don't kink up like the regular chains do
Fix Those Squirrelly Crochet Chains.
In these Before-Times, crocheters are always having to untwist their foundation chains and cords. AFTER Vashti's class, you can decide when to avoid this unpaid labor. The After-Times officially starts May 18 2022 at 1pm Central Time, but unofficially it's WHEN REGISTRATION ENDS ON MAY 15.
the crochet stitchs are all different colors
Step Up Tunisian Crochet with Herringbone-Chain FX
Learn how in my online class, and support CGOA. This new kind of crochet chain can be used in Tunisian forward passes and return passes, just like regular chain stitches. Swatches shown from top to bottom: based on a ripple used for my Zegue-Along class; herringbone-chains in both forward and return passes; in only return passes of Tunisian simple stitch (aka TSS).
three braided bracelets sitting on top of a wooden floor
Fishtail Braid Bracelet or Anklet // Waterproof Bracelet, Waterproof Anklet, Surfer Anklet, Surfer Bracelet, Beach Bracelet, Wax Cord Anklet
"TIFF&E waterproof bracelets and anklets are perfect for your active lifestyle - wear them anywhere... beach, pool, gym, shower, you name it! Alone or stacked with others, they give an effortless bohemian vibe and wearing them everyday will only enhance the natural look and feel. Each TIFF&E item is: -handmade with meticulous attention to detail using high quality waterproof waxed polyester string -adjustable using our unique minimalist sliding knot -super cute and fun when stacked with
the instructions for how to make a crochet bracelet with different colored yarns
The Bracelet that Launched a New Crochet Class
This new kind of chain stitch is going to be a game-changer for crocheting jewelry. For details on this bracelet project and the online class it inspired, click the image. It'll go to a resources page at my website. ⏱️Registration for the first ever Herringbone Chains online class closes on May 15 2022.
Dark reddish wood background. A beaded necklace of gold threads, yellow onyx, and glass pearl pebble beads is in progress with a crochet hook in the live loop. Herringbone chains are visible between the groups of beads. Text says "Herringbone chains for the win" with logo and "Vashti Braha designingvashti.com". Beads, Jewellery, Stitch, Beaded, Pretty, Necklace
New Crochet Chain is Jewelry-Worthy
These are herringbone chains, the sleek, dense, strong, and pretty version of regular crochet chain stitches. They also DON'T CURL. Register before May 15 for my online class, How to Crochet Herringbone Chains for All the Things. You'll be supporting CGOA while you're at it!
a white knitted shawl draped over a mannequin's head in front of a radiator
Tunisian Ripple Scarf Free Pattern
Tunisian Ripple Scarf Free Pattern – Morale Fiber
two knitting needles resting on top of a knitted object with the words we are knitters written on it
Wie man das Caliper Zopfmuster strickt | The Blog - DE
Es gibt viele verschiedene Zopfmuster, einige sind ganz einfach und andere komplizierter. Das Muster was wir Dir heute zeigen ist super einfach zu stricken und garantiert auβerdem noch ein phantastisches Finish bei Deinen gestrickten Kleidungsstücken. Du kannst das Muster bei den meisten unserer Stricksets anwenden, um Deinem Projekt einen interessanteren und persönlicheren Touch zu geben. Auβerdem …
an image of a white scarf on a mannequin headdress with the caption russian
Jasmine Scarf
Jasmine Scarf | Purl Soho
crochet christmas tree ornament with instructions to make it in the shape of a fir
How to crochet fern leaf - Crochet Kingdom
an advertisement for the new online class for knitting and crocheting, with pictures of lace
Zegue's Tunisian Ripple is Yarn Stash Rehab
Some Zegue yarn tests. Top: a new lace weight lopi loop scarf in progress; center, a beaded metallic thread bracelet in progress. Left, swatch for Ziggy Vest; right, original Zegue Italian scrap wrap in progress. Click to go to the class resource page.
there are three different types of necklaces on the same page, one is blue and one is green
Upcoming Classes & Events - Designing Vashti
I've been using this pumped-up chain stitch in my crochet projects for a few years. I'm excited that CGOA wants me to teach a class on it this May (2022). These examples show what happens when you use a herringbone chain stitch instead of a regular chain stitch for cords, decorative chain fringe, etc. Find out other ways to use them.
Beaded barefoot sandals are labeled with an arrow pointing to the loop that is worn around the middle toe, "basic crochet stitches". The long ties to be tied around the ankle are labeled "herringbone crochet chain stitches". Design
Two Kinds of Crochet Chain Stitches
Herringbone Chains are like superchains: everything about them is like a basic chain stitch only MORE: wider, denser, flatter...chainier. Use them wherever you use regular chain stitches!
Four views of a multi-colored metallic herringbone bracelet, plus a moire silk scarf with long dewdrop herringbone-chain fringe, and herringbone-chain barefoot sandals with gem chip beads. Text reads, "How to Crochet Herringbone Chains for All the Things. A new online class by Vashti Braha for CGOA Wednesday May 18 and Thursday May 19 1:00 pm to 2:00 pm Central Time" Cotton Yarn
How to Crochet Herringbone Chains, a New Class
A really useful stitch that you can use wherever there are chain stitches in your crochet: lacy patterns, foundation stitches, cords, even Tunisian return passes and the posts of tall stitches! Vashti developed an easy crochet method of making this traditional "bugle cord" known to knot tyers.