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History Artifacts & Antiques

History Artifacts & Antiques

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✯The Ghost of a Flea:William Blake-Blake (the spirit told Blake that all fleas were inhabited by the souls of men who were ‘by nature bloodthirsty to excess)

'The Ghost of a Flea', William Blake | Tate

Plague doctors - They were second rate, under-trained physicians. Many were not doctors at all, but people of other employments paid by towns. Plague doctor images that we are familiar with was not seen until the 1600s when the traditional plague doctor costume was created: heavy fabric cloak covered in wax to protect the doctors body & a mask to keep out the sick air. Masks had a long cone shape at the nose filled with scents to protect the doctor from bad air.

A Creepy Medical Tour Of The Past

An actual antique! “Made from steel and brass, the elbow joint on this artificial arm can be moved by releasing a spring, the top joint of the wrist rotates and moves up & down, and the fingers can curl up and straighten out. The wearer may have disguised it with a glove. Among the most common causes of amputation throughout the 1800s were injuries received as a result of warfare.”

Mechanical Victorian hand.

Costume bodice worn by Marie de Medici, 1575-1600 Spain (worn in Paris), MFA Boston

Historic photos of "white" slaves from Occupied Louisiana, 1863 and 1864: These children were minority African Mulattoes and most states considered them legally Black for having 1/8th or more African ancestry. As a side note, Sally Hemings was 1/4th African so she and her and Thomas Jefferson's children would have had similar appearance. Racial intermingling, both consensual and non, was much more common in the pre-war South than many tend to believe and was not limited to slaves or the rich.

Dress, ca 1875, C.I.69.14.5a–c_B, Met

Ancient Greek coin

Just in case...

Child soldiers in World War II

Child Workers before labor laws

secret poison case disguised as a book, 17th century

Eleanor of Aquitaine's effigy at Fontrevault. Queen of France and England, she was known for her passion for reading

Knight's Gravestone. St. Columba's Isle, Isle of Skye, Scotland.


Here´s another, rarely seen photo of Lincoln (possibly by Preston Butler) made in May 1860, just after Lincoln clinched the nomination.

Perfect example of the "coal-scuttle" bonnet, ca 1830...#costume #fashion #hat #bonnet #Victorian #velvet #ribbon #millinery

Bonnet ca. 1830 via The Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

1830 duck egg blue silk bonnet


Akhenaten and Nefertiti

Love this! I have one of these in my Hope Chest xx

1880 mourning dress. A great site for history buffs. They have a ton of vintage clothing and accessories (from early 17th century to middle 20th century). Awesome!

This is a costume designed by Alexandra Byrne for the character of Christine Daaé in the 2004 film The Phantom of the Opera, which is set in the year 1870.

The Black Hours, one of a very few manuscripts on vellum that is dyed black.