I'm seriously in love this the picture of James <3

I'm seriously in love this the picture of James! He is such a freaking cutie! I have this like filtered in different colors on my phone

Oh well he's PERF

You can tell in his older videos he uploaded like 5 years ago that he had braces

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Awww so cute | The Vamps

♡tristan♡ on

James and Brad

James McVey on

James McVey and Bradley Simpson // The Vamps James with glasses like what

james | via Tumblr

James Daniel McVey is a member of The Vamps along with Bradley Simpson, Connor Ball and Tristan.

James | The Vamps | McVey

Read "please don't leave me ever. (the vamps/ James Mcvey fanfic) - I don't want my heart broken" it is amazing i think

James Daniel McVey

James McVey - The Vamps I love how James sings. I always love watching his covers

Bradley .... I have not nothing to tell you...!!!!! I LOVE YOU so so so so so so much...

The fact brad has winked and pointed at me several times makes me want to cry after reading what he says that means

The Vamps❤️❤️❤️❤️

The Vamps - Imagines - intro

James McVey The Vamps

James McVey The Vamps - those biceps im about to die

✨He has the loveliest smile I have ever seen✨

James McVey❤❤❤❤ the vamps. I love his shirt.

Is anyone else as attracted to Brad, Tristan, and Conner's hilarious faces as I am?

This is another one of my favourite bands(one direction are still top of my list!), they are.THE VAMPS. The Vamps consist of 4 members, (from left to right) James McVey, Connor Ball, Brad Simpson and Tristan Evans.

Hey! I'm Bradley!! I'm 19 and single! I'm the lead singer for the Vamps! I love pizza and hanging out!! -Brad

The Vamps Poster - Bradley Simpson i absolutely love him hes my fav in the band and i will marry him!