Glove Monsters - looks easy enough for even someone with no sewing skills, I would make a rice bag version.

I have had so many students lose a glove, so I know that parents have lonely kids gloves that they can make into monster toys for their kids.

adopt a monster + adoption papers, maybe they can name their monster

12 Adorable Monster Theme Party Ideas

family reunion games monster party, monster template "Feed the monster" bean bag toss for a monster party. monster bean bag toss and photo.

DIY Nähanleitung: Kleines Snuufie Monster nähen // diy sewing tutorial: how to sew a little plush toy monster via

DIY-Anleitung: Snuufie-Monster nähen via

monster shirt for bday boy Monster pic op Pin the eyes on the monster game

I made Brayden's monster shirt using a plain shirt from Target and then gluing the felt that I cut out.