✧ smile smile smile baby blue eyes drink your baby blue drink as the baby blue colored sunset turns into multicolors❤️I love how I literally make my Starbucks post with a Starbucks caption

Todas las chicas blancas en los Estados Unidos beben Starbucks.

20 Unexpected Pieces of Sharpie Art

Sharpie Art: This is a picture of a Starbucks coffee cup with added sharpie art.

@Mandy Bryant lol yea it's real. It's called the cotton candy frappichino. If they don't know how to make it,then ask for a vanilla bean frappichino with raspberry syrup

Dying to try a starbucks drink! Cotton candy frap Vannilla bean frap with extra rasberry syrup

Starbucks Coffee Necklace by Jillicious Charms and Accessories

Starbucks Coffee Necklace

Starbucks Coffee Necklace by Jillicious Charms and Accessories! bff necklace sadly my bff has never tried Starbucks. she is being shund.

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