What gets a capital letter?- This anchor chart tells all the different things that get a capital letter. Using anchor charts are a DAP.

Character traits anchor chart- Love that definition.

Word of the Month? Character traits anchor chart Color: color in center or picture hair color, give each student a card to write a describe word(s)- opens dialogue regarding communication. Design -same concept just with form etc

Telling time song...LOVE THIS. I would so use this with my first graders; even if I got that blank stare like I was crazy :)

Telling Time Song - anchor chart for telling time ~ Sing to I'm a Little Teapot.

Compound sentence anchor chart  ~ cute! (Image only)

This is a fun way to teach compound sentences! It is a great and creative way to show children how two sentences are properly joined together. It allows children a way to understand the concept in a visual way!

Anchor Charts

Working 4 the Classroom: Classroom Anchor Charts and Posters. There are a ton of Literacy and Math charts. In love.

retelling chart and ribbon

Anchor that goes with retelling ribbon: Pencils, Glue, Tying Shoes: Reading

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