Casual Oversized Sweater Shirt And Necklace. Love the sweater color ad fit. The statement, bold, chunky necklace makes it less stay at homeish.

b&w street style

Little Love Notes

Keep it simple. Love the top knot - comfy oversized sweater, faded jeans and flats.

Retro half moon manicure

20 Burgundy Nail Designs

DIY reverse french manicure 2015 step by step tutorials and designs.How to do Half moon reverse manicure and crescent french manicure

A white knit oversized sweater and a pink pleated maxi skirt are your go-to outfit for lazy days. Brown chunky leather heeled sandals will add elegance to an otherwise simple look.


stacked jewellery in taupe and pale grey with nails to match (fabulous octopus ring)