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ダイナミックな自然に色鮮やかな動物、さらに は伝説上の生き物などが細かく描かれている日本と中国が融合した浮世絵風のイラストシリーズです。自然と絵の世界に引き込まれてしまう魅力がある作品です。これらの...

The Drawing and Illustration of Rion Wang Rlon Wang Art Designer and Illustration artist in Shenzhen China,One of the more popular Chinese illustrators, freelance illustrator.


This pin is an advertisement for lego and hows two simple blocks which combine to form the shadow of a battleship. It subtly tells the narrative of how simple blocks can be combined with a child's imagination to form other forms.

福田繁雄 - Google 検索

Shigeo Fukuda: “ “I believe that in design, 30 percent dignity, 20 percent beauty and 50 percent absurdity are necessary,” Shigeo Fukuda told Idea Magazine. Fukuda was born in 1932 in Tokyo, Japan to.