Zuhair Murad

Too much coat and not enough gown if this even fits the category of "gown" ~ Zuhair Murad

Netted in - BLUE #blue #beauty #makeup #eyes #eyeshadow #lips #lipstick

the gold eyeshadow with pale pink lipstick is such a pretty look for the summer


animal print ♥✤shoes to wear with Jools Couture Goddess Leopard Sateen Cocktail Dress


Creative Ways Of Using Barrels In Home Decor

Léon Bazile Perrault (1832-1908)  Out in the Cold  Oil on canvas

Young Beggars – William Adolphe Bouguereau – Oil Painting Reproductions and Prints from Canvas Replicas

Paloma Picasso® Olive Leaf cuff in sterling silver, medium.

Paloma Picasso® Olive Leaf Cuff