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Women's Sable Narrow/Medium/Wide Pump

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8 Ways to Make High Heel Shoes Comfortable

Dr. Seuss loved practical jokes. He also had a huge aversion to big parties. In 1986 he & Audrey attended a charity gala at San Diego’s new Neiman-Marcus store. A scavenger hunt for merchandise prizes sent guests stampeding throughout the store. Ted wasn’t in a party mood & soon disappeared. Friends found him in the women’s shoe department, happily changing prices on every box of Ferragamos & Bruno Maglis in sight.

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Top 100 moments in Fashion #57 : Salvatore Ferragamo (1920s) ______________________________ Salvatore Ferragamo first became known as the shoemaker to the stars when he worked in Hollywood, fixing shoes both on and off the set in the 1920s. Soon afterwards, he moved to Italy and started his own shop selling his own designs to the most stylish women of the world... #Fashion