More Toddler Art from my daycare. This was a collaborative effort. We used glow in the dark paint for the fireflies light.

landscapes: Paint fireflies in a jar in the same style as the dandelion painting. With the words 'hold on to your dreams'

Part of our star gazing night that's ahead of us

100 Clever Ways to Repurpose Mason Jars

Great idea instead of a night light! STARS IN JARS! (Glow paint splattered inside mason jars)So great for a kids room as a night light or even just for a fun spend the night party

Fireflies in a Jar | Fireflies In A Jar” Lantern

“Fireflies In A Jar” Lantern

One Day Everything Will Be Ok

theres something so lovely about a mason jar! this pic looks like fireflies. someone tell me where to find fireflies, being a northwestern I havent ever seen them. Its on my bucket list. to see fireflies. and catch em.