Veronica Di Francescantonio

Veronica Di Francescantonio

Veronica Di Francescantonio
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يأتي على الناس زمان تكون العافية فيه عشرة أجزاء ، تسعة منها في اعتزال الناس ، وواحدة في الصمت ...  #الإمام_علي

CONCEPTUAL For some reason I love the window and dark room thing. He is isolated, heavily shadowed, and sitting in a dark, undefinable room with nothing but a small, ugly window to provide light.

She was a long cool woman in a black dress, just a 5'9" beautiful tall.  With just one look I was a bad men, cause the long cool woman had it all, had it all.

Selective Visibility - a very straightforward presentation of selected visibility, presented with a spotlight.

Villainy #1

I love this photograph because it is so minimalistic. The dramatic lighting and silhouette give a really mysterious feeling which is exactly what I am going for with the character design.