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Things to ponder

Things to ponder

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"The POVERTY of our century is unlike that of any other. It is not, as poverty was before, THE RESULT of natural scarcity, but of a set OF PRIORITIES IMPOSED UPON the REST of the WORLD by the RICH!! Consequently, the modern poor are not pitied, but written off as trash." --John Berger

Brendan O'Kelly (@yllekonadnerb)

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I'm going to cry. this shows me I just need to stop complaining about such stupid little things because people are going through much much worse.

What I Want To See

Silence can never be misquoted.

Just wondering.....

Jon Stewart quote. The republicans are the problem.

Jon Stewart quote - Democratic Underground

Quote on abuse: There are wounds that never show on the body that are deeper and more hurtful than anything that bleeds.

Sexual Abuse, Physical Abuse, Psychological Abuse - HealthyPlace

Off to the party, on the highway all the way!

This will always remind me of my old good friend from Hoover who wrote this in the scrapbook she and some friends made me as my going away gift. A lovely memory from my past that'll always be apart of who I am.

My wish for you

JJay Leno, seen in May 2014, brought up the Hannibal Buress video at the National Association of Television Program Executives on Wednesday, leading to a direct question about the sexual assault allegations against Bill Cosby. "I don't know why it's so hard to believe women. I mean, you go to Saudi Arabia and you need two women to testify against a man; here you need 25," he replied.

Alexandr Solzhenitsyn

"War is like a fire in the human community, one whose fuel is living beings." ~ The Dalai Lama

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prison meals MORE OF WTF-FUN-FACTS are coming HERE  funny and weird facts ONLY

There's nothing sincere about hate, bigotry and willful ignorance.

Morality is personal and cannot be legislated.

Good question.

Mary Oliver


Thanks to Americans Against The Republican Party for sharing this image from Teabonics. — Being Liberal