Seeds of Dandelion flowers flying around in the Sunlight, forest. Like in a fairytale.

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30 Fun iPhone Wallpaper Ideas From Pinterest

Air drying a daisy bunch at home by hanging the flowers up to dry. The dried flowers have a unique charm.

Phone Wallpaper Ideas: Vintage Blog Photo Frames - Free 4 PNG Files for Download.

Muted flowers against a blue sky background. iPhone Wallpaper - specially sized & shaped to fit the screen of your iPhone.

Customize your iPhone5 with this high definition 640x1136 Beach and Sky wallpaper from HD Phone Wallpapers!

Customize your iPhone 5 with this high definition Beach and Sky wallpaper from HD Phone Wallpapers!

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November 2013 Calendar Wallpaper

Every evening before you go to sleep, remind yourself of 3 things that you have to be thankful for that day.